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& Helpful Tips For Mini and Pony Owners

This page is a culmination of helpful tips offered by some of our more experienced members in response to questions that are frequently asked about showing their Miniature Horses and Ponies.  It is our greatest desire to help everyone enjoy their small equines, whether that be at an breed-sanctioned horse show, an open show, or a combined driving event.  We hope this page will become a useful tool for everyone to learn together and grow as a club.  We offer these sharings in the form of Demonstrative Photos and Helpful Tips in the areas of Show Grooming The Horse, Show Prepping the Horse, Show Apparrel for the various type classes, Proper Carts for the various type classes, How To Harness & Hitch The Horse, and much, much more!  Some of this information will be VERY basic to many of our long-time owners, but bear with us as we try to help answer these questions for folks new to the breed.  We welcome and encourage all contributions from all our members  who would like to offer help in their specific areas of expertise.   If you HAVE a question, please submit it via our contact form.  We will try to find the answer and post it here to help everyone!