HYPERLIPIDEMIA IN MINIS AND PONIES -- Copy this one and give to  your vet as sometimes this condition goes unrecognized or mistaken for other neurological conditions such as EEE, West Nile, EPM, etc.  

LETHAL WHITE OVERO FOAL SYNDROME -- All responsible breeders should become familiar with lethal white overo syndrome.  Overo genes are quite readily found in miniature horses, even animals that appear to be solid-colored.  Testing for the LWO gene is simple (by mane or tail hair) and inexpensive ($25).  LWO is not a disease, but a genetic mutation.  

FOALING CHRONICLES -- This article from the well-respected Scott Creek Miniatures has some great examples of how they go about delivering mares with and without complications.  

FOALING SIGNS -- Crayonbox Miniatures has some wonderful pages showing stages of udder development, changes in the mare, etc. as she prepares for foaling.  There is also a fetal timeline on this site.