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Don't forget to renew OR PURCHASE A NEW OBMHC membership for 2018.

 Membership has its PERKS:

  • Only members are eligible for year-end High-Point Awards from our show series.  We gave some great awards to our 2017 winners.  The first eligible show is coming up in FEBRUARY, so make sure to join or renew NOW !!!
  • Discounts on entry fees at the OBMHC shows.
  • Advertising opportunities.  Each year we produce a promotional piece that is distributed free of charge at the AMHA World Show and AMHR Nationals.  This is a great way to promote your farm or service with a full page color ad which is published at a FRACTION of what other advertising venues charge.
  • A catered year-end Awards Banquet is free to members!


This is a downloadable PDF file that you may print out and mail along with payment for membership dues.   Memberships are valid from Jan 1st through Dec 31st of each year.  New members applying in October or November of the year will be honored for the remainder of that year plus the following year.  

REMINDER:  You must be an OBMHC Member to be eligible to vote at our meetings and to be eligible for High-Point Awards at our show circuits.  

2018 Membership Application.pdf 2018 Membership Application.pdf
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   President:   Jennifer Rodgers Cushion   

Vice President:  Monica Limoncelli

Secretary:  Audra Opie

Treasurer:  Barbie Patrick